Are you part of the "near me" phenomenon? In August 2016, at the peak of summer, more than 2,000 of you were searching for campsites near me or a close variation of it, such as camping near me or camping sites near me.

You can also filter your results to get:

  • Campsites near me for tents (just pick tent in our accommodation options)
  • Campsites near me within swimming pools (just tick the 'Swimming pool' facility option)
  • Family campsites near me (just tick the appropriate option in our 'Ideal for Who' filter)
  • Dog friendly campsites near me (just tick the 'Allow pets' facility option)
  • Fishing and camping near me (just tick the 'Fishing' facility option)

Whether for campsites, restaurants, petrol stations or cash machines, near me search volumes have exploded in the last couple of years. And why not? With British weather being slightly unpredictable every so often, sometimes it's worth leaving it until the last minute to make plans!

Give this page permission to use your location and we'll show you every site in a 35 mile radius of your current position - and our Campmate camping app does something very similar too.

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