Glamping holidays in the UK

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There's no denying that camping has a certain sort of romance to it. From reconnecting with nature and building a campfire to sit around, to watching the sunrise from a hilltop, there aren't many better feelings than getting back to life's basics.

But traditional camping holidays aren't always a 'just turn up' sort of getaway. You'll pile the car high with camping gear, pitch your tent, and (in the worst case scenario) maybe suffer a cold and uncomfortable night's sleep.

A glamping holiday on the other hand, offers all of the upsides of an outdoorsy holiday in an easy, comfortable and stress-free way. Call it glamourous, posh or luxury camping, it's still camping - just with some of the comforts of home.

And in many cases, a lot more comfort! Hot tub anyone?

There's no need to leave your four legged friends behind either, with a growing number of dog friendly glamping options available.

No wonder then that glamping holidays are increasingly popular with Brits. Find yours here:

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Genuinely unique holidays

If, in its most raw form, glamping is camping with a set of walls rather than a tent, we're gobsmacked at the type of spaces those walls can form. You name it, and most likely you can sleep in it.

Does double decker bus tickle your fancy? Or a landlocked yacht or converted helicopter? How about a genuine hobbit hole in the Wiltshire countryside? It's all possible.

And when it comes to putting the glam in camping, it's the experience that matters. Incredible details that create memories you'll never forget...

Cooking up a pizza on your own wood-fired oven, or enjoying a tipple from a mobile gin van perhaps?

If you're looking for glamping ideas, these are some of Britain's coolest campsites - and they really do pull out all the stops!

Blackberry Wood

Craighead Howfs

The Secret Garden

Camp Katur

Lee Wick Farm

Swallows' Flight

Mill House Farm

North Lodge Eco Holidays

Ceridwen Centre

Popular glamping destinations

The are glamping options in most corners of UK, whether you opt for Cornwall's incredible beaches, the unrivalled peace and tranquillity of the Lake District, the New Forest's wildlife, or the wild and untamed landscapes of Wales and Scotland.

There's something for everyone.


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New Forest




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Glamping FAQ

If you're dubious about camping then glamping is for you, blending the Great Outdoors with a bit of home comfort. Think experience rather than endurance. Here's everything you need to know.

What is glamping?

Just as the word suggests, glamping is camping with a few creature comforts. The glamorous cousin if you will. It's a world where the perks of outdoorsy holidays rub shoulders with a touch of glamour and luxury, offering an escape to rural bliss without the daunting prospect of going cold turkey on every little convenience.

It might be as simple as a cosy structure with lighting, heating, power and - gosh - even a real bed to sleep in. Or it might stray into the realm of pure luxury with decadent furnishings and private bathroom facilities. There's plenty of variety out there.

Why is glamping so popular?

There are at least ten very good reasons why glamping has become so popular in the UK:

  1. Fuss free - just turn up and start enjoying your holiday. You won't have to haul a car full of gear, or pack down when you leave either!
  2. Sturdy and secure - pods and yurts do a rather better job of withstanding bad weather than tents ever could.
  3. Proper beds - because there's nothing like a good night's sleep.
  4. Mod cons - microwaves, fridges, WiFi, running water and - yes - hair straighteners people!
  5. Yummy grub - gourmet pizza ovens and BBQ huts are commonplace, even where fully fitted kitchens are absent.
  6. Pet friendly - while Fido might not be welcome on a flight or at a flash hotel, more than half of glamping sites cater for dogs.
  7. Good value - glamping is generally cheaper than a lodge or static caravan is, nevermind a cottage or hotel.
  8. Eco friendly - from off grid escapes to wood burning stoves and solar powered fairy lights, it's luxury for the environmentally conscious.
  9. Unique variety - in the era of the experience, what else can deliver something so completely different?
  10. Year round fun - a dry and toasty warm retreat, whatever the time of year.

What about camping barns?

Although we categorise camping barns under glamping from a search perspective, it's tricky to argue that they meet the glamping definition any better than a basic camping pod does.

For groups in search of a solid roof and the snug comfort of real walls, but without losing touch with that outdoorsy holiday experience, camping barns might just be worth their weight in gold. A lot of campsites don't like pitching large groups together after all. Renting a barn in its entirety is a great way for groups to enjoy a little extra privacy too

They're also a good choice for long distance walking trails where carrying tents isn't an option.

At the top end, barns with bunk beds, hot showers, open fireplaces and good communal dining areas do perhaps offer more of a glamping experience.

What should I bring glamping?

If you're staying in budget glamping accommodation, the advice is to bring everything you'd need for a camping trip and skip the tent. Try our handy downloadable camping checklist to make sure you don't forget anything!

Unlike traditional camping, you might need to bring bed linen, pillow cases and towels, but check with your host to see what's included in your stay.

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