Dover is one of the most historically rich and interesting in the UK. Situated in Kent, the Garden of England, it boasts beautiful scenery and attractions the whole family will like to visit and explore.

A visit to Dover Castle is an absolute must. The ancient castle has stood for over 2000 years and will take you back in time to a period when Kings and Knights protected Britain.

As well as the castle, there's the majestic White Cliffs of Dover -  one of the UK's most iconic natural landmarks. Take a walk along the cliff tops and look across the busy English Channel to the coastline of France. If you have time, dig a little deeper by exploring the hidden tunnels and nosing at the wildlife on Samphire Hoe.

Whilst in Dover consider taking a boat tour to see the seals along the coast, or a climb to the top of the South Foreland Lighthouse.

Whatever you choose to do, you certainly won't be bored here.

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